To open our space to schools and to young people in general is one of the priority objectives of the MUSEUM LIPSI; to encourage children to discover a museum and to acquaint them with a cultural heritage, which thus becomes their own. Here “ART” is something approachable already by understanding the craft skills and the quality of artworks which a couple of artists achieved during a long life, each of them in his personal manner. On the other hand we find, that pupils who already were encouraged to practical studies in arts, visit the museum with an attitude of “connoisseurs”. It establishes a natural dialogue between artists and young people with mutual enrichment.

With this in view we are happy to see, that this exchange became reality during the project of the class of Le-Pont-de-Planches , in accordance with the objectives of the Ministry of Education, outlined in a recent publication about MUSEUM LIPSI by CDDP (Centre de documentation pédagogique) in June 2002. Since then, based on our experience, we wrote our own educational guidelines which you can download here (format PDF)»

Hans Jacob Beck-Lipsi, directeur